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Mentor Q&A

Directions to Record

If you have an Apple phone, please use Voice Memos or any other prefer recording app.  If you have an Android phone, please download Audio Recorder or Easy Voice Recorder (Free Version). Unlike Apple, all Android phones do not have the same audio recorders, you may have to download.  For the control of sound quality, please record yourself in your bathroom.

Directions if Writing


If you choose to write your responses, please format your submission as a word document.  

Questions & Answers

Record (audio only) yourself reading the questions below and pause in between each question and answer.  Please do not provide any personal contact information.     

  1. What is your current career and how long have you been in your career field?

  2. How did you choose your career?  i.e. What made you want to be a…?

  3. Knowing what you now know, what would you have done differently in middle school, high school, and beyond?  Are there any different careers you would have chosen?  If so, what career and why?

  4. In your personal experience, what do you think is the best educational/training pathway for your career field (the route that worked for you or you wish you would have chosen)?

  5. Have you had any obstacles you have had to overcome in pursuing your career goals? If so, what? (share what you feel comfortable sharing)

  6. If you could offer encouragement to your sixteen/seventeen-year-old self what would you say?

  7. What is your definition of success?  How has your viewpoint of success changed since you were in high school?

Please email your recorded or written response to
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