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 Got Dreams? Let us help You plan! 

Passion to purpose goal & mind mapping

Passion to Purpose was created to help assist those in need of guidance.

"A Goal Without A Plan Is Nothing More Than A Wish"

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

ABOUT The Founder

Omari Pearson

Statistically speaking Omari Pearson is not supposed to have become an author, entrepreneur, professional athlete, proud father, or mentor.  But, as many say "pressure either bursts pipes or creates diamonds", it is up to you.


Years of Experience


Students Empowered

Full Story

Over the last 14 years, Omari has partnered with high schools, colleges, and universities across the US and Internationally empowering 300,000+ students sharing how to better navigate their educational journey in pursuit of their financial, life, and career goals.


He quickly learned many students today still are not being thorough in their research and pursuit of their educational and career goals. Because of this Omari focused himself on helping move students from a "checkers" mentality to a "chess" mentality with their short and long-term educational, career and life goals.  Omari believes students today are in dire need of mentors, and he aims to have P2P serve as the bridge bringing current students together with successful adults.

Additionally, Omari authored "Keys to Rebuilding Your Foundation" to serve as a starting point to help equip youth with the "soft skills" to position themselves for success.  The birth of his book has now grown into a curriculum that is serving students in states across the United States. 

"A dream must be attached to a plan of action to prevent it from becoming a fantasy."

-Omari Pearson

Our purpose is to help assist those in need of guidance.

What we do

It has been said that opportunity follows adversity.  Passion to Purpose, (“P2P”) was birthed out of its founder’s storm to realize his purpose, as revealed through his passions, hence the name, “Passion to Purpose.”

We provide college and career readiness, namely, providing career counseling and mentoring concerning the educational options available to pursue careers through the creation of workable strategies and plans so individuals can pursue their career goals and dreams. We do this by serving as an additional resource for students to help them improve their chances of connecting the “dots” they may not have realized were missing.

Passion to Purpose (P2P) partners with:
  • NCHSAA (North Carolina)

  • SCHSL (South Carolina)

  • RIIL  (Rhode Island)

  • MSHSL (Minnesota)

  • NHIAA (New Hampshire)

  • OHSAA (Ohio)

  • NFHS

  • KHSAA (Kentucky)


  • IHSAA (Indiana)

  • AIA (Arizona)

  • MIAA (Massachusetts)

  • NYSPHSAA (New York)

  • HHSAA (Hawaii)


Got A mentor? If not, Let Us help!

If your students need our help or if you are willing to sponsor a student, please reach out to us for more information.  Let's D-R-E-A-M!


Imagine knowing what you know now when you were 16, 17, or 18 years old?  Where would you be in your career and life today?  Help us pay it forward and mentor the next generation? (Only for adults currently working)

Online Course

A dream without a plan is nothing more than a fantasy.  Let us help you research and better articulate your dreams over a 3-day, 45 minutes per session class.

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On-Line Or In-Person Speaking

If you would like Omari Pearson to speak to your students, school, or at your event, message us through the contact form below.  

We are back to doing in-person sessions.  Email us at for more information.

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